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La Asociación de Juristas Globales/Association of Global Lawyers (AGL) quiere ser una importante voz de inspiración e influyente para una nueva generación de profesionales. Cuidar su formación, ofrecerles una acreditación y promover iniciativas que les ayuden a impulsar su trabajo y conseguir siempre más prestigio en el contexto internacional

As globalisation advances by leaps and bounds, AGL looks to promoting wider recognition of the “Global Lawyer” (see “About AGL”) and to highlight the growing value of this new professional who has an accredited level of dual- training in both Common Law and Continental Civil Law.

Studying to obtain meaningful qualifications in both jurisdictions and working to develop an appropriate level of Relevant Work Experience (RWE) in cross-border legal matters requires dedication and determination. AGL believes that the time has come to give specific recognition to those who commit themselves to this path and to give greater visibility to the important role that they are increasingly being called upon to play in our modern and changing world.

In the pursuit of this objective and by way of strengthening the brand of the ‘Global Lawyer’, AGL is looking forward to being able to implement its plans to introduce its English Law Studies (ELS) Course to more higher education institutions across the Continent of Europe and to providing training in the principles, laws and practice of Spain to students and professionals in United Kingdom and Ireland

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